The Ingen-Housz connection

Our company takes its name from Jon Ingen-Housz, a late 18th Century Dutch-born physician and scientist.  As a physician, Dr. Ingen-Housz worked on early successes in smallpox vaccinations, and was the personal doctor to Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna.  As a scientist, he is recognized for discovering photosynthesis. 


Of interest to us is Dr. Ingen-Housz’s foundation in multi-discipline experimentation to observe and improve theories and solutions.  He also reflects our own Dutch – American collaboration as he collaborated with Benjamin Franklin on his study of electricity, and in 1778 presented the annual  Bakerian lecture at the Royal Society in London to defend Benjamin Franklin’s theories.


We have created our own Dutch – American collaboration – by piloting new integrated care and technology solutions:

We combine the best practices of the acknowledged global leader of efficient and effective health care – the Netherlands, with the leader in patient-centric healthcare approaches, breakthrough technologies and entrepreneurial culture – the US.